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Change Consulting

Do you need someone who can help your plans and strategies succeed more quickly and more efficiently?

You may be embarking on a restructure/reorganisation, a merger or acquisition, an efficiency drive, a growth strategy, a business turnaround and/or a major IT implementation that is impacting your whole organisation.

With our business experience and expertise, we can work on developing your organisation on developing the right course of action and enable you to achieve your desired results and make them a reality.

Strategic Change 

We will help you devise a strategic pathway through periods of substantial change for your business and enable you to progress with strategies aiming for greater integration, harmonisation and efficiencies, leading to improved performance and sustainable growth.  
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  • Conduct an overall review of the vision, purpose, values, goals and business plan. 
  • Provide a clear organisational identity through the development and deployment of an organisational design model and through change management tools that are aligned with the vision and business strategy. 
  • Create and implement a Change Management Strategy. 
  • Create an in-house, multi-channel HR, recruitment and talent strategy, system, function based on business requirements.
  • Devise a strategy for the implementation of post-acquisition cultural integration. 
  • Plan an optimal exit strategy from the business. 

Implementational Change

Based on an initial review of your company's processes, structures and systems, we can offer clear recommendations for immediate optimisation of the business during periods of change. 
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  • Conduct an HR and Recruitment (and Talent) review of function, policies, processes and procedures. 
  • Re-engineer, restructure, process map and redesign HR and Business systems, structures and resources for improved performance, productivity and profits (including an organisational operating model, Future Operating Model – FOM, Management Operating System – MOS and the potential implementation of a new IT system).
  • Conduct HR due diligence on new acquisitions, distressed businesses, overseas expansion and business turnarounds. 
  • Effectively communicate to the employees: an incoming bid, an external target you may be bidding on or upcoming changes to the business and/or business model. 
  • Align the staff to a new cultural fit for staff in order to facilitate growth and ensure business results are achieved during a period of transition. 
  • Improve performance and efficiency by having the right people in the right place doing their best through:
    • the right behaviours
    • clear accountability, motivation, rewarding achievement, communication and performance indicators.
  • Provide facilitation, coaching and mentoring to deal successfully with change and challenge within:
    • HR management
    • leadership
    • performance
    • a transition period for new employees
    • career management and progression
  • Monitor progress of success through business metrics, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and ROI (Return on Investment).
Qualified coaches and facilitators can also be available for key sessions, meetings and special management events.

We operate on a project basis and on a monthly basis, where we can provide advice and support on:
  • Change Management and Culture Change
  • Organisational Design
  • HR Strategy (including Recruitment)
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation 

For more information on the above services, please contact us or email us, and one of our representatives will provide further details.