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Driving Business Growth

Every business aims to increase its productivity and profits; it is important that it focuses on its goals and implements the right solutions based on its potential benefits and return.

Global Talent™ helps businesses move forward through collaboratively developing a proper course of action. This includes a business plan, strategy, systems, structures and the necessary tools and most importantly, the right people in the right places that will help realise the potential of the organisation.


We offer an initial audit and overview of the Driving Business Growth processes, structures and systems resulting in clear recommendations for immediate optimisation of the business.
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  • Conduct overall audit and development of vision, purpose, goals, mission and business plan.
  • Scoping, sourcing, procurement and implementation of business information structures in line with in-house systems, intranet and company website.
  • Acting as a strategic partner in delivering a comprehensive report, outlining the findings including cost reductions (savings), improvements, potential opportunities and implementation plan together with a detailed risk assessment.


To progress with greater integration, harmonisation and efficiencies, we offer a pathway towards a successful period of improved performance and sustainable growth.
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  • Lead and facilitate organisational change with stakeholders and employees to enable stability and growth within the home country and abroad. 
  • Provide a clear organisational identity through the development and deployment of an organisational design model and through change management tools that are aligned with the vision and business strategy.
  • Create new processes and procedures and systemise your business for improved performance, productivity     and profits.
  • Re-engineer, restructure, process map and redesign systems, structures and resources (including an organisational operating model, Future Operating Model – FOM, Management Operating System – MOS and the introduction of a new IT system).
  • Align the staff to a shared need and create a new cultural fit in order to ensure progress and business results are realised.
  • Conduct Business and HR due diligence on new acquisitions, overseas expansion, distressed businesses and business turnarounds.
  • Monitor progress of success through business metrics, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Outsourcing for greater efficiencies and value for money.
  • Coach and mentor for improved results.
  • Lead on hiring talented staff in growth periods.
  • Implement succession planning to train and retain talented employees.
  • Arrange selection and handover of company and department management to interim leaders (during transition).
  • Plan and implement post-acquisition cultural integration.
  • Plan an optimal exit strategy from the business.

For more information on the above services, please contact us or email us, and one of our representatives will provide further details.