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Learning and Development for Right Behaviours and Competencies

Global Talent™ offers support in helping individuals and organisations address their learning and development needs in order to reach their potential and achieve their performance and productivity goals.

Learning and development is an ongoing process that when applied in the workplace can bring tremendous value and results to the individual and the organisation.

Over the years, we listened to customer feedback and improved every aspect of our training. This continued improvement has developed into a fully integrated Business, HR and Talent programme (including a Learning and Development programme) that helps clients every step of the way to achieve their career and organisational goals.

We provide open and in-house courses based on demand in the UK and abroad.

Attending an open course is a cost effective way of learning and it is an opportunity to meet peers from other organisations and share different perspectives and experiences.

In-house customised training addresses a clearer understanding of the client’s objectives and we would pride ourselves on delivering that to your absolute satisfaction.

In-house courses can be a creative, flexible alternative to attending open courses, and has the added benefits that the trainer will be coming to you, saving your staff time and money and the focus on the day will be solely on your business.

Our main focus is on two major development areas with three courses in each area:

1.   Personal and Professional Success

A. Coach Yourself to Success by Managing Brand YOU.

B. Be the Leader for Yourself and Others.

C. Choosing the Right Career Path for Yourself.

2.   Business and Corporate Success

A. Blueprint for Success: Develop a Customised Business Plan including Vision, Mission, Unique   
    Selling Points (USPs) and Short-term and Long-term Goals.

B. How to Create a Value-added HR and Recruitment Function.

C. Essentials of a Successful Change Management Initiative.

We can also design and deliver a specialised and bespoke course that is more closely related to yourself or your organisation around leadership, enabling a high performance environment, change management and coaching for success.

Qualified coaches and facilitators can also be available for training sessions, meetings and special management events.

For more information on the above courses, please contact us or email us, and one of our representatives will provide further details.