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Q&A - Data Science

1. What is a Change Consultancy and why would I need change consultants for my business? 

Every day a business has to deal with a fair deal of change brought about by uncertain economic conditions, rapidly changing market demands, new legislation and local and international competition. A business needs to adapt and change in order to implement business decisions on time and within budget. It must make the changes quickly and effectively to ensure alignment and integration. This is where change consultants can make a significant and positive contribution for you.

2. Who are you?

We are a company specialising in rapid change, and we work in partnership with our clients worldwide and within any business environment.

Our senior professionals bring extensive business experience from a wide variety of industries and disciplines. Our collective expertise ensures that bespoke solutions are tailored to help you meet your goals and realise your organisation’s full potential. This means instant credibility with your employees and enhanced results for your company’s performance.

Our business partners and associates are also thoroughly vetted and share our values and ethos.

3. What do you do? 

Specifically, Global Talent™ helps small and large businesses move forward by collaboratively developing a proper course of action. This includes a business plan, strategy, systems, structures and the necessary tools and most importantly, the right people in the right places that will help realise the potential of the organisation.

Unlike other consultants, we do not merely prescribe what needs to be done, but work with you to ensure that true results are achieved from project start to finish. We also follow up after completion and keep an ongoing partnership with our clients.

4. How do you do it? 

We achieve our results through hard work, professionalism and an understanding of our clients' businesses, all of which enables us to facilitate and manage change during challenging business situations.

We are sensitive to our clients' needs and culture:

We help remove barriers to change, equip people with the tools, skills and behaviours they need, and create employee ownership within the new business environment.

We develop and implement strategies successfully, by working with the client’s vision to create an optimally aligned organisation. We encourage a culture of continuous improvement; we achieve results on a scale and at a speed the company would not be able to achieve on its own.

5. As a bespoke or niche consultancy, wouldn't you be more expensive than other consultancies?

We believe that we are very competitive and provide a change synergy offering that leverages our change resources, knowledge, expertise and skills. It is delivered efficiently and adds value by delivering significant  savings of time and money for you. 

6. I understand that consultancies want repeat business. Therefore, isn't it true that they overestimate the actual requirements, costing the client more money?

We are proud to have the experience and expertise to do the work required for our clients and we also work hard to transfer skills and knowledge to our clients so they can become self-sufficient. We call that RESPECT for our client.

7. Why should I choose Global Talent™ as my change consultancy for my business?

Unlike others, we offer a unique and total solution approach - providing the right people, strategy, organisational design, systems and processes for emerging businesses, reorganisations, business turnarounds, distressed businesses and mergers and acquisitions.

Our company model provides change synergy effects resulting in greater benefits and optimised organisational growth.

For more information on our services, please contact us or email us, and one of our
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