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Improving the Talent Process

Recruiting employees can be costly, time-consuming and frustrating, particularly when you need to find the right person for an important role in your organisation. 

Global Talent™ offers clients an opportunity to create their own, customised internal recruitment function based on a combination of internal (company) and external (web-enabled) processes and procedures that can include a direct sourcing model. This will create a value-added HR resourcing and recruitment service built on best practice and improved systems that will result in:

    • cost and time efficiencies in recruiting employees
    • increased candidate attraction rates
    • improved candidate and talent pipeline
    • increased interview v. selection ratio/rate
    • improved internal client experience throughout the entire recruitment process
    • improved candidate experience during the selection and on-boarding process
    • increased retention rates
We can also support your recruitment function by providing experienced and qualified interview assessors who are available on a day/contingency basis to conduct competency-based and fit-for-purpose face-to-face interviews in the UK and abroad. The interviewers bring a wealth of experience, insight and focus on the type of questions that will help in the astute selection of the right person for the role and for your organisation. 


We offer an initial audit and overview of the Talent processes, structures and systems resulting in clear recommendations for immediate optimisation of the function.
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  • Conduct a recruitment and talent audit of function, policies, processes and procedures.
  • Develop the recruitment and retention strategy and policy, brand, values, mission statement, policies and recruitment culture aligned with the business plan and strategy.
  • Deliver a comprehensive report detailing the findings together with a cost reductions and improvements implementation plan and detailed risk assessment.
  • Scoping, sourcing, procurement and implementation of the right recruitment and talent structures in line with in-house systems, intranet, company website and the organisation’s social and digital media platforms to maximise attraction and retention of key employees.


We provide a pathway towards improved performance and sustainable growth through greater integration, harmonisation and efficiencies of processes and systems.
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  • Create an in-house, end-to-end multi-channel recruitment and talent strategy, system, function and talent mapping process based on business requirements.
  • Set up metrics to monitor recruitment, talent and retention success through decreasing time scales and cost to recruit.
  • Set up a recruitment budget and tracking against service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Develop and implement a print, social and digital media recruitment marketing strategy and an online candidate engagement platform for maximum candidate attraction.
  • Develop clear and concise job descriptions and person specifications based on current business needs.
  • Advice and coaching on headhunting to identify and approach suitable candidates.
  • Help with the selection of suitable candidates by reviewing applications and shortlisting.
  • Match the company's people requirements with relevant assessment methodology and online psychometric testing techniques.
  • Advise on conducting competency-based and fit-for-purpose (role requirements, market-specific and culture) candidate interviews to ensure best choice, and provide interview compliance coaching on best practice for interviewers.
  • Establish an efficient and lean offer management process.
  • Implement a swift and communicative on-boarding process.
  • Develop a comprehensive induction to ensure a new employee’s successful entry into the organisation.

For more information on the above services, please contact us or email us, and one of our representatives will provide further details.